I see now I’ve been doing it wrong.

Ok, here’s my confession.  I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing wrong.  I started this blog because I was bored.  This was something to do to fill my time.  Not because I’m a writer and have a burning need to get my message out to the masses.  I’ve found that writing for me is extremely difficult.  Who would of thought that since anyone who knows me says I talk a lot!

Something else I’ve been doing wrong is not speaking with passion.  I did write one post about being a massage therapist and I felt for the first time that I truly wrote with my heart.  Duh..light bulb, AHA moment!😃

Ive been reading all different kinds of blogs; food blogs, photography blogs, snarky blogs, mommy blogs, fitness blogs..and the list goes on and on…  All of these things are all part of who I am as a person.  But…not. I didn’t allow my heart to be my guide. I was afraid you’d laugh at me. Whew! Big confession time. My heart lies in helping others. And I think that’s why I’m such a great massage therapist. I massage with my heart. Anyways, I put this out to the Internet universe. What will come back, I wonder?

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