Death and being a good friend..

Within the last 2 months, 2 of my dear friends each lost one of their parents. I flew down to my hometown to be with my oldest friend.  Her dad died and well, I’ve known this family since I was 4. Let’s just say, we’re old friends and our lives have blended together.  I love that family dearly. Their family is big.  And as we’ve gotten older, we’ve all multiplied. 🙂 But we’ve stayed great friends. So being with her while she’s going through the process was like me losing my father all over again. Sad, but we knew it was coming, so we weren’t surprised but it still hurt. Know what I mean?

And another close, personal friend lost her mother just a couple days ago. The process of grieving is so different with each person.  I’ve reached out to my close friend but she is taking a break from talking to people. My heart goes out to her so I send her funny text messages just letting her know I love her and am here if she needs me.

The healing process is long and each person grieves in their own personal way. How do I help these 2 women I love? My sister and I have a standing joke with my oldest friend.  She gets pudding snack packs and whip cream.  Whenever she feels sad, she eats.  Not funny but we’re twisted so we laugh about that. And laughter helps her through her process.

My other girlfriend is not only going through the mourning process both her and her husband have health issues and have to deal with that as well.  I pray for her a lot.  Doesn’t seem like enough.  I feel so powerless to help her. Humor seems to me to be my way of coping with hard life issues.  How do you deal with your shit? You know, the hard stuff in life.  Just put your head down and barrel through? Ignore it? Stop and throw your Starbucks cup on the ground and stomp on it? Like a dozen times. I think I may just buy her a sparkly tiara!

Until next time,

Love ya



How do you become part of the popular crowd when you’re just starting out?

In my last post I asked, “what will come back to me?”

What’s the best way to bring traffic to your blog?  As I’m starting out, well actually, I’ve been at this for almost a year now. I’ve stopped and started a dozen times. Which is why you’ll see I only have a few posts. I’ve changed my blog appearance a dozen times too. Nothing seems to fit. Like a dress that’s too small..and is scratchy..and is full of static cling. Blah…yuck. So I keep changing. Trying to find my groove. Will it ever happen?  Here’s to hoping!! 🍷👍

Change of subject:  I’m on Pinterest. I love Pinterest! But I find it kind of annoying when you go to others boards and they’re unorganized, not in alphabetical order, with multiple pins of the same pictures. Is that just me? As a virtual assistant, I think it’d be great to go into people’s boards and clean them up. You know, organize them and get them all lookin pretty. Ready to be viewed by others. Hey out there, in the Internet universe…. Could you use some help in organizing your Pinterest boards? Contact me on Pinterest @teriwilcox64

Ok, like last time, I’m putting out to the Internet universe….

come find me…

I see now I’ve been doing it wrong.

Ok, here’s my confession.  I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing wrong.  I started this blog because I was bored.  This was something to do to fill my time.  Not because I’m a writer and have a burning need to get my message out to the masses.  I’ve found that writing for me is extremely difficult.  Who would of thought that since anyone who knows me says I talk a lot!

Something else I’ve been doing wrong is not speaking with passion.  I did write one post about being a massage therapist and I felt for the first time that I truly wrote with my heart.  Duh..light bulb, AHA moment!😃

Ive been reading all different kinds of blogs; food blogs, photography blogs, snarky blogs, mommy blogs, fitness blogs..and the list goes on and on…  All of these things are all part of who I am as a person.  But…not. I didn’t allow my heart to be my guide. I was afraid you’d laugh at me. Whew! Big confession time. My heart lies in helping others. And I think that’s why I’m such a great massage therapist. I massage with my heart. Anyways, I put this out to the Internet universe. What will come back, I wonder?

Meeting Mr. Jim

It’s a beautiful day in Louisiana. It’s finally cooled down enough to clean the backyard. Everyone in the house has colds (me included) so it’s nice to be able to sit outside in the sunshine without it being so…how would you put it?!….OH..MY..GOD HOT!!!! As I’m sitting outside I feel like the sun is drying up all the snot out of my chest. Sorry for being so descriptive, but the truth IS the truth.  No mosquitos are buzzing around my head, trying to suck the life juice right out of me. Maybe if I just ate more Tabasco that would deter them, hhmmm…..
I feel right.  I feel whole. I feel…normal.  My husband and I are still on our 5 month road trip. Spending a majority of our time in Louisiana with our daughter and her family.  We’ve gone through a couple of summer days that were 104 degrees and raining like crazy. I’m still baffled by that one.  How does that even happen?
Since it was such a nice day, my husband asked me out on a date. We walked downtown to a cute little restaurant. We brought Milo with us because a date is not complete without the dog.  While eating al Fresca a cab pulled up and an elderly gentleman got out, got his walker and worked his way up to the front door.  He said a few words to the hostess inside and they brought out a wooden chair to sit in at the little table right next to us. Soon after that, his drink arrived.  He calmly sat and drank his drink. I didn’t think much about it until employees would come out, say hello Mr. Jim, shake his hand and go back to work. Customers who were going into the restaurant would stop to say hello as they passed. And this is the God’s honest truth..women came from EVERYWHERE to say hi and talk to him, sit at his table and have a drink with him. Then they would get up, kiss his cheek or shake his hand and continue on their way. But what struck me was how loved this simple, quiet man was.  I wonder what he did to deserve this kind of attention? What job did he hold in this town as a younger man?  But seriously, how awesome is that to be so loved by a town?! Gotta love small town livin’.
Until next time.

Coconut Coffee


Have you ever heard of Coconut Coffee? Ya, me neither! Haha. It was recommended to my sister from a friend of hers. So we found some at our local Costco.  If you don’t have a Costco close by, or if your Costco doesn’t carry this product you can go to their website, to order it online. It’s kinda expensive but let me tell you, it really is worth it!

The product is all natural. It comes in a powered form. When you open the sealed container you get this instant big whiff of coconut. My first thought was, oh I’m not going to like this.  I’m not a super coconutty fan, I’ll be honest. But because my sister was bugging me…”I’m not going to go first, you go first” kinda crap, I gave it a try. OH! MY! GOD! It was soooooo good! Rich and creamy with just the right combination of coffee and coconut flavor.  I seriously thought about telling her it was disgusting just so I could keep it for myself! 😉 But she would of known right away I was lying because I was oohing and awwing so much.

Here is the really cool thing about this product. Everyone knows the benefits of coconut oil, right? How good it is for your hair and skin and nails and on and on, right? Well my sister has Diverticulitis and she has to be very careful with what she eats. How can I put this delicately? It helps you go to the bathroom. Coconut oil helps you poop. There I said it. Gross, I know. However if you suffer from something that makes it hard to go to the bathroom, this product could really help.  Another cool thing about this product, speaking from a Licensed Hydrocolonist view point, did you know that you carry around 5-7 pounds of undigested waste in your intestines? Ya, this product could theoretically help you lose some weight.

My final words are this… This product is awesome! It tastes really really great and it’s really good for you. You should give it a try.  I think you’ll be really happy you did!

Chicken Florentine Ring


Do you have a go-to recipe that in a pinch you know the recipe off the top of your head and you can just “whip something up”?  This is it for me.  And I’m sure there are sooo many different varieties of this recipe available.  This is mine thanks to Pampered Chef.

Ok. So I may have a confession. I’m not really that bad of a cook.  Although my daughter really swears I’m the worst cook ever.  But there are some things I’ve made in the past that were pretty darn tasty.  And this dish is one of them.  Chicken Florentine Ring.  It’s so easy to make.  It really is.  I like to make this any time of year.  It makes a great light dinner during the summer months and in the winter I double the filling recipe so it’s heartier. You can make this for a brunch but this is my “go to” dinner if I’m feelin’ kinda fancy. And since my son was such a picky eater as a child (he’s 26 now and the father of two baby girls) even he liked this.  So, in my book, that’s saying something. Oh, and don’t pay any attention to that glass of wine in the pictures.  It’s just mine.  The doctor said I needed to add more fruit to my diet.

So here’s the recipe:

1 can (10 oz) chunk white chicken, drained and flaked

½ cup red bell pepper, chopped

1 package (10 oz) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well-drained

1 cup (4 oz) shredded cheddar cheese, use Sharp cheddar, it just makes the lemon pop

1/3 cup mayonnaise

1 tsp lemon zest (I didn’t have any lemons, so I used True Lemon)

½ tsp salt

1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

2 packages Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (since I’m only cooking for 2, I used 1 package of crescent rolls)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

In a large bowl smoosh everything together, except the crescent rolls.  I like to use my hands and really get in there and blend it.  Ya, that’s how I roll… I’m a big “Go big or go home” kinda gal.  This filling is so freaking fantastic and versatile that you could use this in a plethora (my favorite word ever!) of ways.  Personally I would just love to roll around in it.  No.  That thought just kinda grossed me out. Never mind. So then you unroll the crescent rolls into 16 triangles (remember I’m making this for 2 so I only used 1 package of crescent rolls which gave me 8 triangles) and arrange them in a circular pattern, making sure the ends touch with the points going to the outside. After that I just put a heaping spoonful onto each triangle. Bring the outside points of the triangles up over the filling and tuck it under the wider ends of dough in the center of the ring.  Bake 20 – 25 minutes or until golden brown. Makes 8 servings.

Approximately 400 calories and 27 grams of fat per serving.



Doesn’t this look amazing? Well I think so.  I think it’s pretty freakin fantastic!  Until next time…. Peace out home skillet.