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Death and being a good friend..

Within the last 2 months, 2 of my dear friends each lost one of their parents. I flew down to my hometown to be with my oldest friend.  Her dad died and well, I’ve known this family since I was 4. Let’s just say, we’re old friends and our lives have blended together.  I love that family dearly. Their family is big.  And as we’ve gotten older, we’ve all multiplied. 🙂 But we’ve stayed great friends. So being with her while she’s going through the process was like me losing my father all over again. Sad, but we knew it was coming, so we weren’t surprised but it still hurt. Know what I mean?

And another close, personal friend lost her mother just a couple days ago. The process of grieving is so different with each person.  I’ve reached out to my close friend but she is taking a break from talking to people. My heart goes out to her so I send her funny text messages just letting her know I love her and am here if she needs me.

The healing process is long and each person grieves in their own personal way. How do I help these 2 women I love? My sister and I have a standing joke with my oldest friend.  She gets pudding snack packs and whip cream.  Whenever she feels sad, she eats.  Not funny but we’re twisted so we laugh about that. And laughter helps her through her process.

My other girlfriend is not only going through the mourning process both her and her husband have health issues and have to deal with that as well.  I pray for her a lot.  Doesn’t seem like enough.  I feel so powerless to help her. Humor seems to me to be my way of coping with hard life issues.  How do you deal with your shit? You know, the hard stuff in life.  Just put your head down and barrel through? Ignore it? Stop and throw your Starbucks cup on the ground and stomp on it? Like a dozen times. I think I may just buy her a sparkly tiara!

Until next time,

Love ya




I’m home! I’m home! I’m home!

Oh I’m home. It feels so good to be home! 7 months on the road is too long to be away from home!!!!
I’ll right more about it later. I’m just really happy to be home. So? Tell me, what’s been going on while I’ve been away???

How do you become part of the popular crowd when you’re just starting out?

In my last post I asked, “what will come back to me?”

What’s the best way to bring traffic to your blog?  As I’m starting out, well actually, I’ve been at this for almost a year now. I’ve stopped and started a dozen times. Which is why you’ll see I only have a few posts. I’ve changed my blog appearance a dozen times too. Nothing seems to fit. Like a dress that’s too small..and is scratchy..and is full of static cling. Blah…yuck. So I keep changing. Trying to find my groove. Will it ever happen?  Here’s to hoping!! 🍷👍

Change of subject:  I’m on Pinterest. I love Pinterest! But I find it kind of annoying when you go to others boards and they’re unorganized, not in alphabetical order, with multiple pins of the same pictures. Is that just me? As a virtual assistant, I think it’d be great to go into people’s boards and clean them up. You know, organize them and get them all lookin pretty. Ready to be viewed by others. Hey out there, in the Internet universe…. Could you use some help in organizing your Pinterest boards? Contact me on Pinterest @teriwilcox64

Ok, like last time, I’m putting out to the Internet universe….

come find me…

I see now I’ve been doing it wrong.

Ok, here’s my confession.  I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing wrong.  I started this blog because I was bored.  This was something to do to fill my time.  Not because I’m a writer and have a burning need to get my message out to the masses.  I’ve found that writing for me is extremely difficult.  Who would of thought that since anyone who knows me says I talk a lot!

Something else I’ve been doing wrong is not speaking with passion.  I did write one post about being a massage therapist and I felt for the first time that I truly wrote with my heart.  Duh..light bulb, AHA moment!😃

Ive been reading all different kinds of blogs; food blogs, photography blogs, snarky blogs, mommy blogs, fitness blogs..and the list goes on and on…  All of these things are all part of who I am as a person.  But…not. I didn’t allow my heart to be my guide. I was afraid you’d laugh at me. Whew! Big confession time. My heart lies in helping others. And I think that’s why I’m such a great massage therapist. I massage with my heart. Anyways, I put this out to the Internet universe. What will come back, I wonder?

Meeting Mr. Jim

It’s a beautiful day in Louisiana. It’s finally cooled down enough to clean the backyard. Everyone in the house has colds (me included) so it’s nice to be able to sit outside in the sunshine without it being so…how would you put it?!….OH..MY..GOD HOT!!!! As I’m sitting outside I feel like the sun is drying up all the snot out of my chest. Sorry for being so descriptive, but the truth IS the truth.  No mosquitos are buzzing around my head, trying to suck the life juice right out of me. Maybe if I just ate more Tabasco that would deter them, hhmmm…..
I feel right.  I feel whole. I feel…normal.  My husband and I are still on our 5 month road trip. Spending a majority of our time in Louisiana with our daughter and her family.  We’ve gone through a couple of summer days that were 104 degrees and raining like crazy. I’m still baffled by that one.  How does that even happen?
Since it was such a nice day, my husband asked me out on a date. We walked downtown to a cute little restaurant. We brought Milo with us because a date is not complete without the dog.  While eating al Fresca a cab pulled up and an elderly gentleman got out, got his walker and worked his way up to the front door.  He said a few words to the hostess inside and they brought out a wooden chair to sit in at the little table right next to us. Soon after that, his drink arrived.  He calmly sat and drank his drink. I didn’t think much about it until employees would come out, say hello Mr. Jim, shake his hand and go back to work. Customers who were going into the restaurant would stop to say hello as they passed. And this is the God’s honest truth..women came from EVERYWHERE to say hi and talk to him, sit at his table and have a drink with him. Then they would get up, kiss his cheek or shake his hand and continue on their way. But what struck me was how loved this simple, quiet man was.  I wonder what he did to deserve this kind of attention? What job did he hold in this town as a younger man?  But seriously, how awesome is that to be so loved by a town?! Gotta love small town livin’.
Until next time.

I love being a massage therapist!

I’m a people person and I absolutely LOVE being a massage therapist. It’s one of my greatest passions in life. I use all different types of massage techniques. Little tips and tricks to get right where the pain is. I’ve had clients tell me all about my aura while massaging them. How it changed from a calming blue to bright orange to gold as I was working on them. To me, massage is kinda like putting a puzzle together. A client comes in saying “this” hurts. Can I fix it? Well, yes and no. First of all, I tell them, I’m not a dr so I can’t diagnose anything. But I will do a posture analysis and ask you several questions to see if I can find out why you’re hurting. See how it’s like a puzzle? You never know until you get in there and ask. I love my clients. I love learning about them as they lay on my table, warm, comfortable and relaxed. I always always always let them take the lead as far as conversing. If you need that down time from a really stressful day, please, relax and get into the soothing music that I play.  Allow yourself to let go. To be still in the moment. And most times they fall asleep. That’s ok. I take it as a great complement.  I’ve taken your body to a place of utter relaxation. Allowing you to fully rest and digest. I love that. When was the last time you allowed yourself to fully let go and relax? Don’t you feel that this world is sometimes too fast paced? Do you know how bad that fast paced life can be sometimes for your body? Like I said, I’m not a dr, I can’t and don’t diagnosis anyone. I just know the effects of stress on your body isn’t healthy. And in this day and age of fast paced living, a good massage therapist can really help you to relax.

Condo Living…

Who would of ever thought in my 50’s I’d be living my life in a condominium complex.  Condo living….HOLY SHIT! I’m old!!! Wait..?! What?!?  (Honey! I’m joking!) Relax. Sheesh! Today is SUMMERIZE THE PATIO DAY!!!!!  Woot Woot!  This tells my inner clock that it’s time for summer.  Haha… wait! If I’m being true to myself I’d say it like this….WWOOOOOO… HOOOOOO!!!!!! LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!!! It’s time to blow off all the cobwebs, wash the glass panels, tidy up the joint. Then it’s time to pull out the bright colored rug.  Add some outdoor plants.  Hang the driftwood wind chimes and cute ocean decorations. (All of which I will be making in the next few days) And finally deciding what flavor of margarita to start the season


DSC_0101    DSC_0099

“What’s the difference sitting in these chairs now that we’ve decorated?” says the hubs.  (Me rolling my eyes) He just doesn’t get it. Dude! Are you serious?! It’s more about the feeling it represents.  It’s Summer time.  Time to chill my friend. Kinda like our idea of Mexico at the beach.   Beach parties, BBQ’s, staying daylight until almost 11:00 pm. A time to hang out on the deck, watching the fishing boats come in and out of the harbor.  Speaking of which….Hang on……here comes a fishing charter boat. As we sit back and watch, they land a big salmon (or that’s what we guessed) everybody’s standing around the fish, taking trophy pictures with it.  Ya, it’s got to be a big one. So as we watch the group, the discussion comes up that we (the hubs and I) should take a picture of them taking pictures and then race over to where they dock their boats and sell the picture we took of the group back to the group. Did that make sense? (because I could go over it again, if you want, but wouldn’t you rather have a glass of wine and move on…..I sure would 😉 ) DSC_0103 Sounds great in theory, right? The town’s only 6 miles away. However, it takes 45 minutes to get there. You have to drive all the way around the harbor to get to the other side.  Point I’m trying to make is… it’s a long ass drive and neither one of us seriously would do it.  It’s SUMMERIZE THE PATIO DAY! You never know what’s going to happen.

. DSC_0118  DSC_0122     DSC_0233   DSC_0275     DSC_0322 WHALES!!!!!! We saw whales!!!! 2 Gray whales, maybe 4. But definitely 2! I must have took hundreds of whale photos. They were out in the harbor just….playing. They must have been out there for a good couple of hours.  We think it was a mama and her baby. And it’s so funny.  The hubs and I just watched a documentary last night called The Hunt of The Killer Whales on like Nat Geo or some channel.  I should show it more respect than that because it was a really interesting documentary. I highly recommend it. And what a perfect way to see them hangin out playing before they have to make that dangerous trek to the Artic.  Anywho…… While I was waiting for the whales to come up for a breath, I saw this deer nibbling some grass in the front of the condo. DSC_0372 We spent the whole day out here on the deck. Now it’s cold. The sun and its warmth flew the coup! But not these little dive-bombing birds.  Damn dive-bombing birds!  And the honkers….the damn Canadian Honkers.  Noisy bastards! Even when its cold and the day has set, the wildlife in front of my deck is alive and well. (Sorry. I had taken some pictures of the crazy birds but apparently photography and alcohol don’t really mix.  Who knew?!?) So you see honey? That’s why we get excited for “Summerize the Patio Day”!! What sets the tone for your summer days? How do you get ready for summer? Inquiring minds want to know.  Ok, well really it’s just me. Until next time Peace Out Home Skillet!