Meeting Mr. Jim

It’s a beautiful day in Louisiana. It’s finally cooled down enough to clean the backyard. Everyone in the house has colds (me included) so it’s nice to be able to sit outside in the sunshine without it being so…how would you put it?!….OH..MY..GOD HOT!!!! As I’m sitting outside I feel like the sun is drying up all the snot out of my chest. Sorry for being so descriptive, but the truth IS the truth.  No mosquitos are buzzing around my head, trying to suck the life juice right out of me. Maybe if I just ate more Tabasco that would deter them, hhmmm…..
I feel right.  I feel whole. I feel…normal.  My husband and I are still on our 5 month road trip. Spending a majority of our time in Louisiana with our daughter and her family.  We’ve gone through a couple of summer days that were 104 degrees and raining like crazy. I’m still baffled by that one.  How does that even happen?
Since it was such a nice day, my husband asked me out on a date. We walked downtown to a cute little restaurant. We brought Milo with us because a date is not complete without the dog.  While eating al Fresca a cab pulled up and an elderly gentleman got out, got his walker and worked his way up to the front door.  He said a few words to the hostess inside and they brought out a wooden chair to sit in at the little table right next to us. Soon after that, his drink arrived.  He calmly sat and drank his drink. I didn’t think much about it until employees would come out, say hello Mr. Jim, shake his hand and go back to work. Customers who were going into the restaurant would stop to say hello as they passed. And this is the God’s honest truth..women came from EVERYWHERE to say hi and talk to him, sit at his table and have a drink with him. Then they would get up, kiss his cheek or shake his hand and continue on their way. But what struck me was how loved this simple, quiet man was.  I wonder what he did to deserve this kind of attention? What job did he hold in this town as a younger man?  But seriously, how awesome is that to be so loved by a town?! Gotta love small town livin’.
Until next time.

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