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Death and being a good friend..

Within the last 2 months, 2 of my dear friends each lost one of their parents. I flew down to my hometown to be with my oldest friend.  Her dad died and well, I’ve known this family since I was 4. Let’s just say, we’re old friends and our lives have blended together.  I love that family dearly. Their family is big.  And as we’ve gotten older, we’ve all multiplied. 🙂 But we’ve stayed great friends. So being with her while she’s going through the process was like me losing my father all over again. Sad, but we knew it was coming, so we weren’t surprised but it still hurt. Know what I mean?

And another close, personal friend lost her mother just a couple days ago. The process of grieving is so different with each person.  I’ve reached out to my close friend but she is taking a break from talking to people. My heart goes out to her so I send her funny text messages just letting her know I love her and am here if she needs me.

The healing process is long and each person grieves in their own personal way. How do I help these 2 women I love? My sister and I have a standing joke with my oldest friend.  She gets pudding snack packs and whip cream.  Whenever she feels sad, she eats.  Not funny but we’re twisted so we laugh about that. And laughter helps her through her process.

My other girlfriend is not only going through the mourning process both her and her husband have health issues and have to deal with that as well.  I pray for her a lot.  Doesn’t seem like enough.  I feel so powerless to help her. Humor seems to me to be my way of coping with hard life issues.  How do you deal with your shit? You know, the hard stuff in life.  Just put your head down and barrel through? Ignore it? Stop and throw your Starbucks cup on the ground and stomp on it? Like a dozen times. I think I may just buy her a sparkly tiara!

Until next time,

Love ya




My mom and her iPhone

IMG_1691This is my mom. The leader of my life.  With her new iPhone.  She’s learning.   She’s learning how to do things my 5 granddaughters (all under 5) can do without blinking an eye. My mom has to struggle to remember. “Now how do I do this Teri?” “Well Mom, you go like this…click here and then push this button and then this button and look, you can see your text messages”.

Sound familiar? Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so.  I’m excited at this phase of her life. My mom is turning 75 this year.  What an awesome woman she is. She comes from a long line of amazing cooks and crafters.  She knits, crochets, and makes felt stockings for all the new babies in her life. For my whole life, she has guided me, taught me, lectured me, and kept me grounded. This woman has been my best friend and my sounding board. She’s kept me safe and out of harm’s way.  This woman would lay down her life for me.  She would.  Not a doubt in my mind. Even today.  If a gang of thugs were surrounding me, she’d bust in there, grab two thug ears and drag them over to the curb; give them each a stern lecture that would include some strong Christian morals and values, shake their ears again and leave them wondering “What just happened?”  That’s my mama.  My hero.  So, absolutely Mom.  What else would you like to learn about your phone? I have all the time in the world for you.

So as Mother’s Day approaches, I wonder. Is your Mom your hero? What has she done to become YOUR hero? How has your Mom made your life a better place to live in?