Hi and Welcome to the blog, A Life More Beachy.  I’m Teri, the lady of the blog.  Back in 1994, my husband and I, along with our two small children, moved from sunny Southern California (yea Anaheim!) to the beautiful state of Washington.  And we love living here! Fast forward to today, I’m a nana to 6 grandbabies and my husband and I, along with our fur baby, Milo the Newf, are living our dream lifestyle in the sleepy beach community of Ocean Shores. My purpose for starting the blog is because I wanted to share my beachy lifestyle. Whether it’s massage tips and tricks ( because..well… I AM a massage therapist), beachy crafts, great recipes and wine pairings, it’s all gonna happen right here!  So grab a glass of wine, herb if you have it. (We don’t judge here!) And let’s chat. Come on.. you know you want to be friends!!!!  🙂