Coconut Coffee


Have you ever heard of Coconut Coffee? Ya, me neither! Haha. It was recommended to my sister from a friend of hers. So we found some at our local Costco.  If you don’t have a Costco close by, or if your Costco doesn’t carry this product you can go to their website, to order it online. It’s kinda expensive but let me tell you, it really is worth it!

The product is all natural. It comes in a powered form. When you open the sealed container you get this instant big whiff of coconut. My first thought was, oh I’m not going to like this.  I’m not a super coconutty fan, I’ll be honest. But because my sister was bugging me…”I’m not going to go first, you go first” kinda crap, I gave it a try. OH! MY! GOD! It was soooooo good! Rich and creamy with just the right combination of coffee and coconut flavor.  I seriously thought about telling her it was disgusting just so I could keep it for myself! 😉 But she would of known right away I was lying because I was oohing and awwing so much.

Here is the really cool thing about this product. Everyone knows the benefits of coconut oil, right? How good it is for your hair and skin and nails and on and on, right? Well my sister has Diverticulitis and she has to be very careful with what she eats. How can I put this delicately? It helps you go to the bathroom. Coconut oil helps you poop. There I said it. Gross, I know. However if you suffer from something that makes it hard to go to the bathroom, this product could really help.  Another cool thing about this product, speaking from a Licensed Hydrocolonist view point, did you know that you carry around 5-7 pounds of undigested waste in your intestines? Ya, this product could theoretically help you lose some weight.

My final words are this… This product is awesome! It tastes really really great and it’s really good for you. You should give it a try.  I think you’ll be really happy you did!

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