I love being a massage therapist!

I’m a people person and I absolutely LOVE being a massage therapist. It’s one of my greatest passions in life. I use all different types of massage techniques. Little tips and tricks to get right where the pain is. I’ve had clients tell me all about my aura while massaging them. How it changed from a calming blue to bright orange to gold as I was working on them. To me, massage is kinda like putting a puzzle together. A client comes in saying “this” hurts. Can I fix it? Well, yes and no. First of all, I tell them, I’m not a dr so I can’t diagnose anything. But I will do a posture analysis and ask you several questions to see if I can find out why you’re hurting. See how it’s like a puzzle? You never know until you get in there and ask. I love my clients. I love learning about them as they lay on my table, warm, comfortable and relaxed. I always always always let them take the lead as far as conversing. If you need that down time from a really stressful day, please, relax and get into the soothing music that I play.  Allow yourself to let go. To be still in the moment. And most times they fall asleep. That’s ok. I take it as a great complement.  I’ve taken your body to a place of utter relaxation. Allowing you to fully rest and digest. I love that. When was the last time you allowed yourself to fully let go and relax? Don’t you feel that this world is sometimes too fast paced? Do you know how bad that fast paced life can be sometimes for your body? Like I said, I’m not a dr, I can’t and don’t diagnosis anyone. I just know the effects of stress on your body isn’t healthy. And in this day and age of fast paced living, a good massage therapist can really help you to relax.

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